International marketing is a serious issue for most growing companies in today’s interconnected global economy. Whether to export or not, where to and how to, are the major questions for companies willing to expand into international markets.

International Marketing Consultants Purple Oak provides expert solutions to all those questions and help clients to establish and develop international market with sustainable and profitable export sales growth. Our expert advices and performance on key functional areas of International marketing gives client a rapid success in International Market. We perform and give expert advises, solutions for following key functional areas of International Marketing.

-International Market Research
First step of International marketing is to identify target market and market needs where your products/services have good market potential and demand. If you know your target market and market needs, you could easily get export orders from those countries. We conduct International market research activities to identify target market and market situation analysis that gives client detailed knowledge of opportunities in International market.

-International Marketing Strategy
The key function of International marketing is to develop a right International Marketing Strategies including market entry strategy, positioning strategy, product strategy, pricing strategy and promotional strategy according to target market needs. If you have not right International marketing strategies, your all efforts of export marketing may get wasted and cause a failure. We develop winning International marketing strategies that helps client in entering and developing international market faster and with sustainable export sales growth.

-Getting ready for export
Before starting export marketing, one should complete legal formalities and prepare informative and appealing marketing communication tools like Company Profile, Sales letter, Product Catalogue, Brochures, Website. We provide client with expert advises and guidance in pre-export legal formalities and preparing informative and professional marketing communication tools that supports in positioning/promotion and also influence buyer’s decision to start business communication with client.

Promotion plays a major role in International marketing success. A smart promotion can only give your company a global exposure and creates awareness among buyers. We develop cost effective offline and online promotional strategies for clients and support them for successful implementation and/or implement it professionally by our own that gives clients a global exposure with awareness among prospective buyers.

-Generating Export Inquiries
Success in International Marketing begins with generating genuine export inquiries from reliable buyers which further requires expertise and focused work of promotion, sourcing genuine buyers and approach them professionally to generate export inquiries. We gives clients expert advices and/or perform by our own to generating genuine export inquiries that can be converted in to export sales.

-Communication and Negotiation
Getting orders from overseas buyers need expert skill of professional communication and negotiation. Lack of professional communication and negotiation skills may not convert export inquiries in to orders and cause a failure of your export marketing efforts. We help clients for professional communication and negotiation with buyers to convince, decide business terms and further relationship management.

We offer complete international marketing solution by covering all above key functional areas of International marketing as all those functions are inter related with each other and can only give results if supporting functions performed or performing well. How ever you may hire us for any of above functional area depends on requirements.

Keeping ourselves updated with present global economic and market situation, and also expertise and wide experience in International marketing, we have sound track record of our International marketing consultancy services. Since 2001, Purple Oak has been involved in more than 30 International Marketing consulting assignments across a wide variety of industries. This involvement provides us with unique insights into international market environment, how they are changing and how they will be offering opportunities for our clients.

Contact or Email us for complete international marketing services or for any of above functional areas. International Marketing ConsultantPurple Oak will get back to you with proposal and quotation.